Mark #35: Jesus and Spiritual Warfare
Thechurchcodaniel   -  

Mark 9:14-29

Failure is not an option, it’s a necessity. The truth is that when following Jesus we will fail, but it’s the lessons we learn through failure that build our faith. In this sermon, Pastor Byron continues our study in Mark: The Simple Gospel by showing us three things we can learn from failure. It is our prayer that this message is a blessing and encouragement to you.

Mark 9:14-29

Take 5 minutes to silently read over the section of scripture to gather insight, questions, or discussion with the group before answering the questions.


1. Share a time when you tried to accomplish something great for Jesus but failed. What lessons did you learn from that failure?

2. Immediately after the transfiguration, the disciples experienced failure in ministry. How did this lesson bring them back to reality of ministry? What can we learn from that for our lives?

3. The disciples where unable to cast out the demon because they tried on their own ability apart from prayer. Do you find yourself trying to serve God out of your own strength? How does this affect your walk with Christ?

4. The father of the boy says, “I believe, help my unbelief.” Compare the father’s response to Jesus versus the disciples? What is the difference between little faith and no faith?

5. What situation in your life right now can only be accomplished by prayer?

This week’s challenge is for you to seek God for a vision in your life that would impossible for you to accomplish on your own. What is something that you feel led to accomplish that could not happen without prayer? Journal your thoughts, fears, and faith around the subject. Come ready to discuss next week at dinner.