Mark #29: Jesus and Faith
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When everything is falling apart, what do you do? You fall at the feed of Jesus. In this sermon Pastor Byron introduces us to the Syrophoenician Woman and how she is a great example of great faith.

Mark 7:25-30

Take 5 minutes to silently read over the section of scripture to gather insight, questions, or discussion with the group before answering the questions.

1. The woman’s response to Jesus was to fall at his feet. When tragedy strikes do you worship like this woman or do you worry? How should you respond?
2. What significance does the woman’s ethnicity have to do with the story? What lesson should we learn from Jesus interaction with her?
3. What is the Messianic significance of Jesus calling the woman a dog? How does this apply to our lives as gentiles?
4. What part of the woman’s faith stands out to you the most? Boldness or humility? Do you pray with the same faith?
5. Do you have the same amount of faith to trust Jesus at his word or do you doubt his word over your life? Discuss.

This week your challenge is to worship with boldness. Go one week listening to only worship music and Christian podcasts. On Sunday step out of your seat, go to the front of the stage and worship freely before the church. Discuss how your worship experience with group next week over dinner.