Mark #27: Jesus Walks on Water
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Life is filled with storms. We experience physical, emotional, financial, relational, and even spiritual storms. Sometimes it feels like life is just rowing against the wind. In this sermon. Pastor Byron shows us how we can take courage in the storms of life by walking in faith, trusting the one who walks on water.

Mark 6:45-52

Take 5 minutes to silently read over the section of scripture to gather insight, questions, or discussion with the group before answering the questions.

1. Following dealing with the crowd, what did Jesus do immediately afterwards? Is your first response when you are exhausted prayer? Why or why not?
2. Have you ever felt like you where obeying God but still faced opposition and difficulty? How did the situation turn out?
3. Do you tend to row against the wind or trust the one who walks in water?
4. Are you in a season of life where you feel like you are “straining at the oars”? How do Jesus’ words “take courage, it is I, do not be afraid” apply to your life at this moment?
5. How are you encouraged by the disciples’ slowness to come to faith? Discuss your spiritual growth compared to theirs.

This week your challenge is meet up for a one-on-one with someone in the group that you have grown close with. In this one-on-one open up and share an area of your life that you experience deep struggle, temptation, and doubt. Then have them pray over you. In the safest way possible, share with the group how this challenge encouraged you throughout the week.