Mark #20: Jesus Casts Out Demons
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Mark 5:1-20 What you see is not always what you get. This world is more than physical but there is a spiritual war that rages against the kingdom of God. Satan and demons are very real and very powerful, but they are no match for the authority that Jesus has. In this sermon Pastor Byron teaches on the importance of spiritual warfare as Jesus casts out a demon and turns a madman into a missionary.


Mark 5:1-20


Take 5 minutes to silently read over the section of scripture to gather insight, questions, or discussion with the group before answering the questions.

1. Do you believe in demonic possession? How do your beliefs defer from what Mark says?
2. Why would this man run to the feet of Jesus? Why would Jesus reach out to this man?
3. How is demonization a picture of salvation? What “demons” has Jesus delivered you from?
4. Explain the change in the man from the beginning of the story to the end? How has Jesus changed your life?
5. What do you think the people in the Decopolis thought about this man’s testimony? (Verse 19,20) How do people respond to your testimony?


This week your challenge is to write in your journal ways that Jesus has delivered you from sins of your pasts. Also, journal any current and reoccurring sins that you have yet to surrender to Jesus, repent, and ask him to deliver you.