Mark #18 : Jesus Tells A Parable
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Mark 4:1-20 – The gospel has the power to change and transform lives but we must be open and receptive to the word for it to do its work. In this sermon, Pastor Byron reminds us that if our hearts are not tender and ready to receive then we will not be able to grow and mature in faith.


Mark 4:1-20


Take 5 minutes to silently read over the section of scripture to gather insight, questions, or discussion with the group before answering the questions.


What is a parable? Why do you think Jesus taught in parables?
Who is the sower in this parables? What is the seed? Why does the sower spread the seed?
Explain the different types of soil? Analyze each one as they represent you?
Where in your heart are you the path with the birds?
Where in your heart are you the rocky ground?
Where in your heart are you scorched by the sun?
Where in your heart are you choked by thorns?
Where in your heart are you good soil?
How does the fruit of your life reflect the receptivity of your heart?
Where do you scatter the seed like Jesus?


This week your challenge is to sow some seed. Each day of the week share the gospel with one person (in person, not on Facebook or text.) Journal your experience, their reactions, and how you felt afterward. Be ready to share in group next week.