Mark #17: Jesus’ Family
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Mark 3:20-35 What would it be like to be in Jesus family? Growing up with Jesus do you think you would worship him as God or would you think he is out of his mind? In this sermon Pastor Byron will introduce you to Jesus’ family and how you have an opportunity to become a part of the family of God.


Mark 3:20,21-3:31-35


Take 5 minutes to silently read over the section of scripture to gather insight, questions, or discussion with the group before answering the questions.

1. What kind of family do you come from? Is it surprising to you that Jesus’ family thinks he’s out of his mind?
2. How does Jesus’ earthly family silence critics about the resurrection?
3. How does Jesus connect faith and obedience to being in the family of God?
4. How can you tell if someone is in the family of God? Do you do the will of the Father? Why or why not?
5. What thoughts come to mind when Jesus calls you mother or brother?


This week your challenge is to journal the parts of the Bible that you find most difficult to obey? Write why you struggle to do the will of the Father and reflect about the joy that comes from being in the family of God.