Mark #13: Jesus and the Pharisees
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Mark 3:1-6 Some people follow Jesus because they love him and want to learn from him. Some people follow Jesus not to listen but to criticize. Not because they love him, but because they plan to kill him. In this sermon Pastor Byron will discuss the difference between legalism and love as Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath.

Mark 3:1-6

1. Why does Jesus fight with the Pharisees throughout the book of Mark?
2. Explain what Jesus means by asking “is it better to do good or to do harm?” in regards to healing on the Sabbath. How would you apply this to your life?
3. Does it shock you to see that Jesus gets angry? How does Jesus anger differ from yours?
4. Who do you identify most within this story, the man with the withered hand or the Pharisees?
5. Is there any way to act like a Pharisee when it comes to matters of faith?

This week your challenge is to journal your inner thoughts about how you tend to be a Pharisee. Take note of people in your life that you judge or separate yourself from. Be honest before the Lord. Stop fighting and start repenting.